Essential Roofing And Ladder Safety Tips


Sadly, around 500,000 people suffer from ladder related injuries every year in the United States alone. It is critical that all homeowners fully understand ladder safety, especially when you are considering using one to do some roof maintenance. Similarly, it is vital that you exercise safety not only on and around the ladder but also on the roof itself.

Below are some of the important rules and tips that you should follow at all times.

Initially, the main rule is the three point contact rule. This rule explains how, when you’re using a ladder, you must maintain three spots of contact with the ladder itself. Generally this takes the spots of two hands and always, at least one foot on the ladder. This rule allows for you to always stay stable and safe when going up and down the ladder.

If we consider that you have two hands on the ladder, how are you supposed to transport the tools you need?

Through the use of either a tool belt or a tool carry box, you are able to hands-free transport all the tools you need. Keeping your hands free for keeping yourself versatile and steady.

Additionally, caution needs to be addressed when transporting the ladder itself around the worksite. Overhead electrical lines present a risk to the long ladders. Always ensure everyone on the worksite is aware of where the electrical lines are and are being cautious when moving the ladders.

It is easy to let these tips slip from your mind when you are distracted or even if you are in a hurry. You definitely do not ever want to be in a hurry when working around roofing and a ladder. It is essential that you are continuously aware of all of your surroundings. Ensure that any ladders are always steady and secure at all times. Additionally, it is important that you make sure that you are making use of an appropriately sized ladder to make sure that it will be steady all the time.

Finally, ensure that whenever you are on the ladder you are facing the ladder. By addressing all of these tips and rules, you will be safe whenever you’re working with and around ladders and roofing.