Signs That You May Need To Replace Your Roof

Replacing your roof is a major expense and you might want to put it off for as long as possible. The problem is that there are times when you should not leave the replacement for the future. Fortunately, there are a number of signs that you can look for which tell you that it is time to replace your roof.

Light In The Attic

A lot of people assume that the first place to look for a sign is the outside of your home. The truth is that you should look in the attic first. This is an easier area to access and if there are problems in the attic you know that you need to replace your roof.

When you are in the attic, you need to take a look under the eaves. You are looking for beams of light coming through the top of the house. You should also look for any stains and streaks as this is a sign that there is a leak in the roof.

The Age Of Your Roof

The age of your roof can be a sign that you need to have it replaced. You should consider how long it has been since your roof was installed or replaced. If you have asphalt shingles, you will need to replace the roof after 20 to 25 years. However, if the roof was installed over an existing layer of shingles, you will need to replace it after 20 years.

Other roof materials may have a long lifespan and you need to consider this. Slate shingles will last longer and you might never have to replace them in your lifetime. However, if you have never replaced the roof, you might need to.

Check The Shingles

If the attic does not have problems and you are not due a replacement, you need to look at your shingles. This is something that you should do after heavy storms and at the end of each season. The shingles should lie flat on the roof and if they are curling away you need to replace them.

You will also need to replace shingles if any of them are missing or broken. You should also look at the gutters for any shingle granules. If your roof is losing a lot of shingle granules, it is coming to the end of its useful lifespan.

There are a number of signs that tell you it is time to replace your roof. These signs can be seen from inside the attic and when you look at the shingles.

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