Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights can change the entire feel of a home, venue or city. Here we take a brief overview of some of the types of external lights on the market today.

Timed and censor lights – These are great for home protection and security but also for parties and entertaining. You can set them at a range of heights and angels and can an extremely wide range in light strength.

Floodlight – Perfect for your outdoor spaces such as swimming pools, tennis courts or entaertaining areas. They can be an excellent inexpensive option that have a huge impact.

Step lights – These not only make your paths and steps safer they also offer a touch of class to your paths and entry. The lights come in different designs which range from the regular types to individuals that could come provided with sensors that double as security measures.

Wall lights – These are excellent to help make your garden ornaments get noticed at night-time. For example, they are often installed on the pillars of a veranda or a porch to enhance its aesthetics. Again, these come in a huge range of colours and varieties.

Visit this great Pinterest page for more ideas https://www.pinterest.com.au/explore/backyard-lighting

Ceiling Lights – Some of the most popular options here include options like track lights, pendant lights, and chandelier lights. They are a standard choice for indoor lightings but may work equally well in outdoor areas like the patio, porch, or gazebo.

Bollards – These are lamps that are encased inside a transparent material often installed to incorporate lighting aesthetics to the garden. Position them close to an outdoors seating area and to help accentuate them. These offer a real touch of class you’re your night-time setting.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, if you would like some professional outdoor lighting design and ideas make sure you talk to the team at Electrician Geelong.